It's Your Day

Our Team


Mary and Dave Toll - Founders

Mary's 29 year professional career and expertise in the hospitality industry started with Holiday Inn and continued to Radisson Hotels with her last assignment being with Marriott International.  Mary will make your event a truly memorable occasion for both you and all of  your guests. 

Dave’s inspiration and creative expertise has been built from many years as a professional aircraft technician and instructor.  With the help from Mary, Dave has fully embraced the hospitality field by creating and building the "It's Your Day Dream" for both you and Mary.


Our Staff

All of our "It's Your Day" team is experienced in every hospitality service need. Their professional attitude and work ethics reach far beyond the normal, to give you the most exciting and comforting experience possible for your celebration. They all work well together, and will enjoy working for you.

It's Your Day Team